About Racial Equity Here

Racial Equity Here is a movement of hundreds of community organizations, local governments, foundations, schools and businesses across the country working together to advance racial equity.

Why Racial Equity?

As we grapple with near-constant stories and experiences of racism, we see the gaps between our country’s core values — justice, equality, freedom — and lived reality, and we see the pervasive gaps between people of color and white people on nearly every indicator of wellbeing.

These outcome gaps are not accidental: they were deliberately created by our government and institutions, through laws, rules and practices. While many explicitly racist laws have now been overturned, “race neutral” laws are not enough: we must actively and explicitly advance racial equity.

Although each of us is only one person, when we work to transform and align our organizations and institutions toward a common vision, we can change our communities and our country, creating an inclusive, vibrant democracy. You have the power to make shifts in your organization toward better outcomes for people of color and stronger, more inclusive communities for all.

We hope you will find Racial Equity Here accessible — the site provides simple tools to help your organization:

Across the country, organizations are committing, together, to dismantle structural racism, accelerate better outcomes for people of color, and improve outcomes for all. Please join us.

History & Founding Partners

Launched by the Government Alliance for Race and Equity (GARE) in 2018, this shared, public commitment has grown out of the best practices and collaboration of GARE, the Center for Social Inclusion, Race Forward, Living Cities the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley and the hard work of 100+ member jurisdictions of GARE.

To learn more about GARE’s history supporting local governments to dismantle structural racism and improve outcomes for all residents, please visit our website.

To view the tools to learn, act and partner, please visit our resources page.

For press inquiries, please contact MMartinez {@} RaceForward {.} org