Three Steps Forward

Racial Equity Here is a commitment to LEARN, ACT and PARTNER to advance racial equity and improve outcomes for all. We hope you will make this public commitment with more than 200 organizations, local governments, businesses, foundations, schools and universities across the country. Here are the core resources we recommend for each of these steps:


Develop shared understanding of key racial equity concepts.

This 2-hour train-the-trainer deck can be used as-is, adapted, and contains links to many other great resources.

LEARN: Intro to Racial Equity


Make racial equity an explicit part of your work by using a simple racial equity tool in your daily work and decision-making. The tool itself will take 10-15 minutes to read through, and is set up as a template for you to start using right away.

ACT: Racial Equity Tool Template


Work with organizations locally and nationally to advance racial equity in your community.

PARTNER: Explore Resources and Get Connected